What ideas for Food and Drink outings?

 Chef et groupe de jeunes pendant les cours de cuisine

Nohô asked to enthusiast and expert people in the Food and Beverage worlds to come up with ideas for activities. Here are their favorite places and confidential addresses. You will have magical moments.

How to discover a profession, a passion, a cause or a commitment?

Do you want to open your own restaurant? Would you like to know more about a specific wine or cuisine, for example? To discover a profession, a passion, a cause or a commitment, or to deepen your knowledge, it is essential to meet the right people, that is to say enthusiasts of the Food and Drink worlds.

How to create a share on Nohô and earn money?

Are you passionate about cooking or oenology? Do you work in the food industry? Do you know how to cook a regional recipe? You can create a share on Nohô and earn money. To do this, all you have to do is to agree to meet people interested in your passion and share your knowledge with them. With each reservation you will receive 25 €. All without changing your usual life.

How to learn about oenology on the wine routes?

Oenology, like all Food and Drink activities, is above all a question of people. To learn about oenology on the wine routes, it is best to meet wine growers, winegrowers or enthusiasts. Outings which are also an opportunity to visit beautiful castles.

What Cooking and Drinking activities with family and children?

While on vacation or those of your children, you are looking for ideas for outings, but it is not easy to find activities that appeal to both young and old. To have an unforgettable moment, it may be interesting to turn to enthusiasts of the Food and Beverage worlds. To meet them, book on the Nohô website.

How do you meet food and wine enthusiasts?

You can ask a friend or search sites and groups on the Internet for that rare gem. However, you risk wasting time and you are not even guaranteed to share an authentic moment … Simplify your life: book a sharing on the Nohô site or application and meet real enthusiasts of cooking, oenology or for wine and alcohol production, for example.

How to discover the best night spots in the region?

Want to experience the best cocktail bars and nightlife in an area? What could be easier than asking the inhabitants of the city for addresses? Certainly. But you still have to know the right people, those who show you places that meet your expectations … To meet them, take a look at the Nohô sharing announcements.